Dinner at Knappgården

The menu is created using as far as possible locally sourced, organic and home grown products. In the summer Knappgården has it’s own organic salad and herb garden. All the berries and mushrooms are hand picked in the local woods and all our produce is responsibly sourced. Local wild produce like bear and reindeer bitok with creamy wild mushrooms and crushed lingonberry sauce.

Here we create a unique 3 course dining experience that varies every night. Guests not living at Knappgården are welcome when booked in advance.

Dinner is served at 7 pm. Please be sure to book dinner in the morning at reception if you have not pre-booked, or let us know when you make your room booking. 3 courses 495 SEK.

For our younger customers (under 12 years of age), we offer children’s portions at the half price. We believe that children should receive the same quality and fusion of flavours as our adult guests, just in smaller portions.